DemopolisCATV email instructions for Apple Macs

First open the Apple mail program and click the file menu.  Click on “Add Account”.

Description: MG_0107  It will ask you what kind of account.  Choose “Add Other Mail Account” at the bottom.

Description: ac add mail account

Then add your name, email address and password.

Description: ype in name and email

Then click on Create!

Description: MG_0083

It tells you “account must be manually configured”, so just click Next.

Description: MG_0085

Now we setup the Incoming Mail Server Info:  Type in “”, your username (with or without the, and your password.  Then click Next.

Description: MG_0086

Now the Outgoing Server information. Same thing as the Inbound server.

Description: MG_0087

This is the next screen and you do nothing here except click on Create.  YOU ARE DONE!

Description: MG_0089